Big Rock Sports is proud to be one of 37 voting members of the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), and also proud to serve on their Board of Directors. The NASGW works behind the scenes for the most part and is an unknown to most retailers, but provides a valuable service to all of you. Here is a brief rundown of who and what NASGW is, based on a recent survey conducted by an independent third-party called Growth Strategy Partners:


  • The NASGW core consists of 37 voting member shooting sports wholesalers across the US who provide two-step distribution for the industry
  • There are over 500 affiliate non-voting members of NASGW, consisting of shooting sports manufacturers, manufacturer rep agencies, international suppliers, media agencies and service provider companies all aligned with NASGW to support shooting sports retailers
  • Collectively the 37 wholesalers making up the NASGW provide the following service and support to our industry’s retailers:
    • 4,000 total employees, of which nearly 1,000 are in sales and customer service
    • Over $1 billion dollars in stocked inventory to provide you next-day service from coast to coast
    • Over 4 million square feet of warehouse space to stock inventory for immediate shipment
    • Provide next-day shipping over 90% of the time with real-time inventory status look-up
    • Provide credit lines to all their retailers to expedite shipping of merchandise


With the upcoming election trending toward the biggest threat to our Second Amendment rights in may years and for the foreseeable future with Supreme Court justice nominees under the next President’s control, Big Rock Sports, the NASGW and many other shooting sports industry partners like the NRA and the NSSF stand united in support of your Second Amendment rights and the two-step distribution system to best service your retail stores.