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Why Big Rock Sports?
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As the largest outdoor sporting goods distributor in North America, Big Rock Sports has a product inventory of over 150,000 SKUs in more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse space at five regional distribution centers in the U.S. and three regional distribution centers across Canada.

With over 160 external and internal sales representatives, Big Rock Sports services more than 15,000 fishing, ice fishing, hunting, shooting, camping and marine retailers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and eight other countries. Over 650 employees make up the outside sales and inside support teams.

But Big Rock Sports is much more than just a distributor. We provide our retailers with the tools they need in order to be successful in an increasingly competitive omni-channel marketplace.


Why Dealer ACCESS?

Outdoor sporting goods retailers know the outdoor industry better than anyone. Whether it’s hunting and shooting or fishing and marine, you are an expert on the outdoors. You know the best tackle for local waters and you know which gear hunters need to bring home their trophy. You were an angler and a hunter long before you became a store owner. It’s a passion for you. And while your passion for the outdoors has never changed, the business of outdoor sporting goods has become increasingly complex. Multiple sales channels and drop shipping are no longer optional. You must keep up with the latest retail models and management trends, while knowing how to get the best pricing on the most profitable inventory. If you can leverage these new multi-channel retail models, there is an opportunity for unlimited growth. But how do you grow your business while still having time to get outdoors? You need access to the tools and resources that will give you a competitive advantage.


Dealer ACCESS from Big Rock Sports

Dealer ACCESS from Big Rock Sports is a game-changing resource that helps retailers navigate the complexity of operating in today’s multi-channel retail environment. From an online storefront that serves your customers 24/7 and the best buying opportunities available to exclusive online drop shipping direct from the manufacturer, Dealer ACCESS gives you the tools you need to become an expert at growing your business and maximizing your profits.

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In-Store Displays that Stand Out

Big Rock dealer Ronald Fuller explains how a pergola is the focal point of his merchandising efforts.


Big Rock Sports

Industry News

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Big Rock Sports

Big Rock's Advocacy Efforts

Big Rock Sports acts as a voice for the outdoor sporting goods community.



“Big Rock Sports is a remarkable wholesale company that treats customers with the highest respect and courtesy. Big Rock Sports is a leader and innovator in the wholesale industry, providing first class customer service. I have dealt with other companies in the past, but none rival anything Big Rock Sports has to offer.”

—Blake Marsocci
Fast Break, Inc.