The outdoors is more than just a profession for us here at Big Rock Sports. As avid anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s our passion. So advocating on behalf of the outdoor sporting goods industry is a top priority for us. Big Rock Sports is proud to serve as the voice and advocate of outdoor sporting goods retailers across the nation.


We financially support associations that protect retailers who sell firearms. Big Rock Sports also works tirelessly to protect our fisheries, anglers’ rights and our customers by participating in crucial Washington, DC committee hearings overseeing fisheries throughout the United States. We also ensure that government authorities who oversee fishing and shooting sports industry regulations are kept up to date with the latest, most accurate scientific studies.

Our Passion

Big Rock Advocacy

Advocacy Partners

As North America’s leading fishing and firearms distributor, Big Rock Sports looks out for the best interests of the consumer as well as the outdoor sporting goods industry as a whole. This is why we lend our support to organizations that share our core values and beliefs. We actively participate in these associations and their programs:

Big Rock Advocacy

Senior Vice President Gary Zurn will bring you updates on shooting sports and fishing activities that may have an effect on your business, as well as point out upcoming activities that could have a bearing on your future in the outdoor industry.

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