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Our job is to take the complex and make it simple for you. Our Retail Tools can help you manage your business easier, faster and smarter. We’ve invested in developing these innovative tools, so that you can focus on your goal of selling great merchandise to your valued customers.

There are a variety of tools available to our dealers, including:

Big Rock Sports Exclusive Online Drop Ship From the Manufacturer. Big Rock Sports is proud to offer our dealers a revolutionary new resource: Online drop shipping straight from the manufacturer. This exclusive deal is only available at Big Rock Sports—nowhere else. Online drop shipping is an extraordinary chance for you to diversify your inventory and increase your profits. It’s also cost-effective and easy for you to take advantage of. Big Rock Sports’ online drop shipping from the manufacturer is an extension of our current BREZ system. Just one click in BREZ will let you access online drop shipping from some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry: Blackhawk, Shimano Top Shelf, Rapala and 24-hour vending. Access brought to you only by Big Rock Sports.

(BREZ Search)

BREZ Search.
One of the most powerful components is our BREZ Search and Ordering Engine. This multi-faceted tool allows you to find the merchandise you need, check inventory and place orders with precision. Benefits include:

- See inventory levels and prices in real time

- Easily search and view quantities by product categories, product attributes, brands, seasons, closeouts and even by warehouse

- Sort results by price, brand or part number

- View detailed descriptions and images on multiple items at once


(Merge Orders)

Set Up Retail Pricing. This tool allows you to display your retail price each time you do a product search on our website. You can even have your retail pricing printed on your invoice and packing slips for quicker product receipt and pricing. Margins can be easily set up by category or by vendor, saving you time so you can do other things. Click here to learn how to set up retail pricing for your store.

Generate Reports. Getting the information you need to manage your business is easier with custom reports. Quickly and easily create a report detailing your recent purchases, purchases by month and by vendor, allocated items and Big Rock exclusive items.

Manage Your Orders. We want to make doing business with Big Rock Sports hassle free, so we’ve simplified the ordering process. Now you can generate and upload .csv files from your POS system to our website saving you valuable time. You can easily combine backorders with other orders or reduce your number of shipments with our Merge Orders tool and get the same payment terms. And, our Re-Order tool makes it simple for you to duplicate a past order.

(ACCESS Promotions)

ACCESS Promotions.
Access to the best pricing is just a click away. Quickly gain access to specials and promotions online, including booking programs, flyers, closeout lists and electronic versions of our catalogs.

Enable Retail View Kiosk. This unique tool makes it easier for you to help your customers find what they’re looking for quickly. Using a computer in your store, customers can view the entire Big Rock Sports product listings and you can set the retail price. This is a great way for you to ensure your customers find what they need when they shop with you.

Receive Updates. We want you to stay informed, so we’ve created a tool that keeps you updated at all times. You can establish custom alerts and receive hourly inventory updates, pricing updates and weekly listings of all products, including new items, allowing you to update your website and POS system.



Enterprise Resource Plan.
Epicor will help you manage your payroll, inventory, sales management and more. This integrated Electronic Data Interchange will allow all Epicor customers to batch their orders before sending to Big Rock Sports electronically. This will help you reduce your lead time for planning and buying and enable you to respond to your customer’s needs faster.



Point of Sale Software.
Merchant Magic™ Point of Sale from Cervelle is a point of sale software system that can handle sales, refunds, layaways, special orders, trades, direct buys and consignments as well as other common business transactions. Merchant Magic was designed especially for small- to medium-sized dealers in the outdoor sporting goods industry. The Merchant Magic POS software will be available through ACCESS Ecommerce.



Save on Shipping.
The Affinity Program for Shipping from Siriani & Associates will allow you to save on your outbound shipping with FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® for small packages and YRC for heavyweight freight. This is a new FREE benefit that is available to all Big Rock Sports dealers. All you have to do is sign up to receive these savings provided to you by Big Rock Sports. Sign up now to start saving on shipping for your outbound freight.

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